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Schools, Technology, and...Vapes?

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News of the misuse of technology on school campus in recent years, such as charging Juuls (a brand of vape) in classrooms or spreading cruel videos of special needs students on social media, has alarmed students of Los Alamitos High School, concerned with the lack of training teachers receive on the subject. 


Just last spring, LAHS gave an anti-vaping informational presentation to all students and an info night meeting for parents. However, a considerable number of students already know that students are tricking their teachers by charging their USB flash drives while, in reality, they were charging their Juul vapes. While the thin, rectangular appearance of Juuls is deceiving, the fact that flash drives, which are considered old-fashioned now, do not need charging is still common knowledge. 


Additional technology concerns addressed a trend among some students to share personally filmed video, uploaded on social media, of special needs students being treated in demeaning ways. Not only has the school never mentioned this problem before, the teachers, and even some students, remain unaware of this serious matter. The nature of certain social media platforms which allow chatting and sharing through privately created groups keeps such content from being publicly noticed, and letting it spread. 


The use of technology in the classroom is common now, with schools adopting methods from “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policies to web-based tools like Google Classroom and turnitin.com. But how well are school administrators and teachers adapting to the increased use of technology? While the focus is now more on the utilization and efficiency of teaching and communicating through technology, Los Alamitos High School may need to readdress its approach to the use of technology to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the students.  


by Jiwoo kim 

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