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The Truth Behind Dress Codes

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“Your shirt has to come over your butt.”  

“Your strap has to be at least an inch.” 

“Your skirt has to be longer than your fingertips…” 


 These rules are what school counselors introduce to students and families even before middle school. If students violate school dress codes, they must tell students to change into our PE clothes or they will be sent home.


 Why do girls have ten rules of what they shouldn’t wear, yet guys have only one or two rules about their attire? Teachers and administrators think that girls’ clothing choices distract boys from their schoolwork.         


 When guys sag their pants, no one says anything, but when a girl is wearing leggings, teachers tell us to leave school. “It’s saying the male response is your fault. Your body is causing negativity,” explains a psychologist. Sexist rules also set a precedent for men, she adds. “It is offensive to men. It suggests they don’t have the ability to talk to a female student without going wild.”


There is an imbalance in dress code restriction based solely on gender. Something must be changed about this sooner rather than later.


by Pauline Lee



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