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Korean Culture Finally Recognized At Brea Olinda High School

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An opportunity to discover and appreciate Korean culture is introduced when the Korean Honor Society is established at Brea Olinda High School this year with the help of the new Korean teacher, Sera Yoon. 


Brea Olinda High School used to have only Spanish, French, Chinese, and Japanese available as a learnable language until a fifth language was recently recognized as notable. Korean was finally available as a language course in Brea Olinda High School two years ago and Sera Yoon was instated as the Korean teacher. Other high schools in the school district, like Sunny Hills High School, already had Korean as an available language elective so this held great significance and marked the beginning representation of Korean culture in Brea Olinda High School. 


Two years teaching at Brea Olinda High School, and Sera Yoon is already quick to establish a Korean Honor Society branch in Brea. The organization aims to promote study in culture, leadership skills, and scholastic achievement. Students are excited to finally be able to show their passion for Korean music, food, and history. All high schools in North America that provide Korean as a language elective is eligible to begin a branch, but students have specific requirements in academics to qualify essentially signifying the rigorous program.


Sera Yoon has high hopes for KHS and expects for “students to demonstrate leadership skills through various activities implemented on campus and beyond by planning different activities that promotes Korean culture” and also claims that KHS is “a privilege to be a part and requires a lot of courage to voice culture proudly at school and in the community.” 


The opportunities that KHS provides a creative way for students to connect and mold culture into tangible projects the community can recognize. It symbolizes the gradual awareness and appreciation of Korean culture in the American education system.


by Nicole Kim


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