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Upcoming STEM building at Los Alamitos High School by Fall 2021

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The LAUSD School Board announced this past June that there will be a new STEM building built at Los Alamitos High School. The District will add two floors to the single-story building which currently consists of the main office and other offices and classrooms. The construction, which is planned to be finished by the fall of 2021, is anticipated to bring newer classrooms and integrate advanced science labs.


The additional classrooms and labs will accommodate the large student population, which has been averaging near 3,200 students for the past few years. Recently, students and teachers at Los Alamitos High School have been expressing discontentment toward the shortage of classrooms. 


According to reports from students, teachers often had to switch classes to share labs. One AP Calculus BC period this year held 42 students in one regular-sized classroom.


The announcement of the construction of the STEM-oriented building also raises expectation from teachers and parents of Los Al’s advancement in the academics as well as STEM activities. While Los Alamitos High School is praised for its arts and athletics, the STEM fields tend to be less recognized. However, it has shown development over recent years; in 2017, the District gave a several thousand dollar grant for investment in industrial-grade machines for the engineering curriculum of the high school. A new facility for the school’s robotics team is also included in the construction plan, promising more than improvement in just the academics.



This construction plan is part of LAUSD’s Measure G, a series of projects to improve facilities on Los Alamitos school campuses. Some of the prospective projects include new playgrounds at the elementary schools, a new gym for the high school, and more. The District commenced Measure G this April, beginning with a new infrastructure layout which took place at Los Alamitos High School this entire summer, and the construction of a new 50M swimming pool.



by Jiwoo Kim 

August 27,2019





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