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Celebrating 100 Years of Souting

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On October 19, Cal State Long Beach hosted Camporall, a camp where both Boy Scouts and their families were invited to stay, relax, and enjoy the activities. The camp lasted for three days and two nights, but most scouts stayed for all three nights.


Because of the college’s many buildings, scouts were able to experience many different activities, including a tour of the Shark Lab at Cal State Long Beach, a swim in the pool, team-building exercises, and a surplus of leisure time. Scouts were also taught to take care of themselves during this extra time because they were not supervised by anyone else but their Scoutmaster. These were times when Scouts were instructed to cook by themselves, allowing for them to hone their skills and grow.


This camp was special because this year is the 100th year of Scouting, and every camp is commemorating in a special way. This camp decided to commemorate it by hosting competitions and offering rewards, such as banners or flags, for winners. Unlike raffles, which are entirely luck based, these competitions were based off the skill and the bond that the team shared.


One of these competitions was a game where one person was standing on top of a wooden stick which was suspended in the air by two (or more) people. Behind them were two (or more) people who held a metal pole. When the person in the air was safely standing on one stick, then people behind would move up and the person would have to step forward. Although this competition sounds very easy, it became much more difficult without proper communication. Some groups with silence between one another found that messing up became increasingly easy, and one even claimed that “teamwork is what we need, but we barely know each other.”


However, by the end of the camp, the same scout refuted his earlier claim by saying that they were well acquainted to one another, and after this camp, became “way better friends.”


by Nathan Park



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