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October Was a Hot Mess!

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October heat wave broke record after record in the eastern United States, while in the Midwest, October rain is on its way to topple the reigning rainiest October.


Some states endured the hottest temperatures ever recorded in the month of October. States like Ohio, Delaware, and Indianapolis experienced temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Some states like Alabama and Tennessee, however, are reaching high temperatures of at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


At the beginning of the month, the National Weather Service tweeted, “Not only were there more than two dozen high temperature records for October 1st broken or tied today across the Eastern US, but 16 sites recorded their highest temperature for any day during the entire month of October. More high temperature records are expected to fall on Wed.” 


In the Midwest, states like Iowa were less than an inch away from beating the top rainiest October since 1941. As of October 22, Iowa had reached a total of 7.25 inches of rain while the record is 7.29 inches. With a little over a week left in October, any rain was capable of making October 2019 the leader of the rainiest Octobers.


As an honorable mention, the wind gusts have been abnormally powerful in several cities in Iowa. Whotv.com shares a list of the highest gusts in the last 24 hours: 


Estherville 60 mph 

Rockwell City 53 mph 

Algona 52 mph 

Creston 52 mph  

Des Moines 46 mph


by Chelsea Lee




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