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Outraged Students Rise Up Against New Principal Trying to Lock Them Up…

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New school regulations regarding campus safety at Brea Olinda High School are met with rage by students on the first day back from summer when discovering complications with the unfamiliar system installed by new principal, Ixchel Sanchez.


As students settled into school on the first day of school, they quickly took notice of the new locked barriers, restricted parts of parking, and mandatory bathroom passes. Attempts to readjust changed to frustration as they found it difficult to leave after their classes were over.

“My schedule was checked four times before I was able to leave campus on the first day,'' said Julia, a Brea High school student.

“Classes end at 2:35 but I was still stuck at school by 3:10,” claimed a senior at Brea High School.


An online petition called “Bring Back Jerry Halpin”, the previous principal, was quickly put together by some seniors attending BOHS as statement. The goal of 200 supporters was over exceeded with an overwhelming 391 supporters.

The petition claims that “Under the new supervision of our school by Ixchel Sanchez, our freedom and right to privacy has been stripped” and that “Attending a public school come with the expectation of not being encapsulated in our place of learning.”


By the second day of school, students were so outraged that they began to boo Assistant Principal Barrientos when he began to talk about the new changes during the WILD Assembly.

“If you’re so concerned with our safety, why is it so much more difficult to leave the school than enter it,” asked a BOHS student during the assembly. This question was quickly followed with a cheer from the student crowd.


When Ixchel Sanchez was first introduced as the new principal in August 2018, seniors in athletics were in disbelief from all the privileges stripped away. Seniors were no longer getting full credit for game seasons and were required to fill in empty spots in their schedule with classes resulting in many seniors and team captains to drop out of sports. The inflexibility of schedules and credit being cut by half ignited frustration among students and became Dr. Sanchez’s grand entrance as Brea High School’s new principal.


The rage ignited in students from the sudden changes made by Dr. Sanchez marks the start of a very unpredictable school year for Brea Olinda High School.


by Nicolw Kim

August 26, 2019



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