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False Christmas

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As the holidays begin to approach quickly, more and more stores begin to shift to “Christmastime,” even when the month of November hasn’t even passed. This issue has been commonly presented in online jokes and casual discussions, yet it has never been addressed seriously.


Presenting Christmas decorations and discounts has quickly become a tradition that every store and mall embrace. The entirety of Downtown Brea has accepted Christmas with open arms, decorating each street with snowflakes, reindeer, and gift boxes in honor of the Christmas holiday. However, as nice as this may be, the month of November hasn’t even passed yet.


To an outsider or an amnesiac, the festivities taking place currently make it appear as if it were the Christmas season already, feeding people false knowledge and hopes. Children have been witnessed asking their parents whether or not Christmas had already come, with glimmers of hope in their eyes.


The constant torrent of Christmas songs reinforces this idea. A young man jokingly called November “Christmas: Part 1,” but later seriously discussed the antics of companies who celebrated Christmas earlier than needed. He claimed that November “is treated unfairly; [although] it has a holiday and everything, but Christmas overshadows it so much that it’s overtaken completely by Christmas.”


For most of America, it appears that, even during the middle of Fall, “Winter has come.”


by Nathan Park



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