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Brea Vintage Car Show

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Downtown Brea hosted their annual car show, an event where owners are given the chance to display their older, vintage cars for the entire world to see. Most of these cars were cars that users saved for years, and these owners reportedly restored old parts to make the car as authentic as possible. Although these parts of the cars weren’t very fuel efficient, they proved to be accurate to the original model, and the value would skyrocket.


This event is usually very popular in Downtown Brea, and food trucks occupy most of the spaces. This day proves to be eventful for many businesses, as hungry families and teenagers visit the shops for a quick bite. These businesses are empty inside, but that proves to be quite an illusion because most customers take their food to go. Not only that, but the event also racked in customers for many businesses, such as movie theaters, clothing stores, cafes, and even painting shops.


As a whole, the event proved to be extremely successful because it brought people together and brought a great deal of money for small businesses while also allowing owners to show off their shiny, restored cars. Most of these cars looked very round and bubbly, adding to the cozy Christmas aesthetic that was displayed all over Downtown Brea.


by Nathan Park




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