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제1기 청소년 기자단 Best Article & Best Reporter

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가주교육신문 제1기 청소년 기자단 (YPC) Best Article & Best Reporter


가주교육신문은 제1기 청소년 기자단 (Youth Press Corps)활동에 참여한 학생들 중에서 가장 뛰어난 기사를 작성한 학생에게 '최우수 기사'상을 수여하고, 기자로서의 역할을 가장 성실하고 훌륭하게 수행한 학생에게  '최우수 기자'상을 수여합니다.


제1기 청소년 기자단의 '최우수 기사'로는 트로이 하이스쿨에 재학중인 네이선 박(Nathan Park) 학생의  "False Christmas"(12월 6일자 가주교육신문 제 241호에 게재)가 선정되었고, '최우수 기자'로는 팍스 주니어 하이스쿨에 재학중인 에밀리 지(Emilie Chi) 학생이 선정되었습니다.


지도를 맡고 있는 제니퍼 호크(Jennifer Hawk) 선생님은 다음과 같이 선정 이유를 밝혔습니다.


 Best Article: Nathan "False Christmas" 

 Nathan's article is sophisticated, controlled, stylistic, and structured well. The topic is current and controversial. He presents a great journalistic piece with some editorial voice.


 Best Reporter: Emilie Chi. 

 She has submitted every week and her research is strong. Her articles represent what teens are interested in.



다음은 최우수 기사로 선정된 Nathan Park 학생의 기사 입니다.

<False Christmas>

As the holidays begin to approach quickly, more and more stores begin to shift to “Christmastime,” even when the month of November hasn’t even passed. This issue has been commonly presented in online jokes and casual discussions, yet it has never been addressed seriously.


Presenting Christmas decorations and discounts has quickly become a tradition that every store and mall embrace. The entirety of Downtown Brea has accepted Christmas with open arms, decorating each street with snowflakes, reindeer, and gift boxes in honor of the Christmas holiday. However, as nice as this may be, the month of November hasn’t even passed yet.


To an outsider or an amnesiac, the festivities taking place currently make it appear as if it were the Christmas season already, feeding people false knowledge and hopes. Children have been witnessed asking their parents whether or not Christmas had already come, with glimmers of hope in their eyes.


The constant torrent of Christmas songs reinforces this idea. A young man jokingly called November “Christmas: Part 1,” but later seriously discussed the antics of companies who celebrated Christmas earlier than needed. He claimed that November “is treated unfairly; [although] it has a holiday and everything, but Christmas overshadows it so much that it’s overtaken completely by Christmas.”

For most of America, it appears that, even during the middle of Fall, “Winter has come.”

by Nathan Park



두 학생의 수상 소감을 소개합니다.


Nathan Park


The Press Corps Experience  - After being a part of the Youth Press Corps for a few months, I have begun to be aware of the world around me; unlike my past counterpart (who was ignorant to all political and environmental issues around the world), I am far more aware of the demolition of the environment all over the world. This has led to me maturing and acting my age. Although I was a bit childish and immature before, the experience of writing for the Youth Press Corps has trained me. I have become a more mature student who is now ready to tackle most writing prompts. The experience has left me with feelings of gratitude and pride; gratitude because I was able to grow from this experience and pride because I am finally overcoming hurdles in my life. At the beginning, I tended to ignore turning in my articles completely, which was due to my lack of poor time management. However, after writing two or three articles, I pulled myself together and promised to be more punctual, and now I’m writing an article every week. After seeing these results, I realized that I finally achieved my dream of punctuality and proper time management, which are very handy skills for my future. My writing skills were also able to increase in quality through the months of Youth Press Corps. My writing had been good before but never “amazing”. However, after writing a page-long article every week for the past few months, my skill seems to have soared, as I have learned how to implement proper grammar and writing skills. All of these benefits have made me realize that I was thoroughly enjoying writing for the Youth Press Corps, and I would say that having a similar type of exercise or even joining the Youth Press Corps would be an enjoyable experience. It is definitely a memorable experience that teaches wonderful skills.



Emilie Chi


During the past 5 months of being a reporter, I have transitioned myself as a reporter for the sole purpose of the benefits of others. I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunity of having a potent position within the student column. To be awarded as “Best Reporter” is exalting, and I am grateful to be receiving such an award. As a spry reporter, I am sincerely thankful for everyone who has read my articles, and has supported me within the process of publishing articles. I will continue my writing journey, and try to eventually become a lauded writer with benevolence. Thank you. 


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