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The Nonessential Essential

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Hysteria has robbed the world of any sense, but that’s not the only thing that has been robbed. Millions of citizens have stormed their local markets and stores in an effort to stock up before they go into isolation to avoid the Covid-19. For some strange reason, however, people are getting into legitimate fights over water (which is understandable) and toilet paper. 


The average person uses about one or two rolls of toilet paper per week, which means that a person would only need about 100 rolls to last an entire year. Most purchasable packages of toilet papers come in large packages of about 24-27. Let us assume, for only a moment, that Covid-19 became deadly enough that people had to stay indoors for an entire year. In that case, a person would only need to buy about 4 packages of toilet paper. This is only if Covid-19 became so dangerous no one was allowed to go outdoors for an entire year. But that is not the case; people only need to be more aware and cautious when travelling outside. People don’t seem to understand this, and they have invaded stores while grabbing every pack of toilet paper they can see. This has escalated into a large issue after people have begun fighting for toilet paper. 


It first began with people loudly arguing in hysterics over the rights to another package of toilet paper, but it quickly escalated to violence. People began to have fistfights over toilet paper, and a man in Australia was even tasered for a few extra rolls. 


When asked how they felt, many students (and their parents) reported that they thought, “It’s stupid; it’s only toilet paper. It’s not even an essential to survive. Why the heck are people fighting over this?” 


by Nathan Park



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