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COVID-19 Outbreak Continues to Have Impact on the Sports World

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The COVID-19 virus has infected well over 200,000 people and has killed nearly 8,800 globally as of the time of this article. With this gobal impact, the World Health Organization has officially declared it a global pandemic. Because this pandemic is raapidly spreading, official sports have been canceled. 


The National Basketball Association on Wednesday night suspended the season indefinitely. “The NBA is suspending gameplay following the conclusion of [Wednesday night’s] schedule of games until further notice,” the league said in a statement. “The NBA will use this hiatus to determine next steps for moving forward in regard to the coronavirus pandemic.” This decision was made after two Utah Jazz players (Rudy Gobert, Donivan Mitchell) tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.


Shortly after, the National Hockey League announced it was immediately suspending the 2019-2020 regular season. “Our goal is to resume play as soon as it is appropriate and prudent, so that we will be able to complete the season and award the Stanley Cup,” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said in a statement. Bettman said there is a concern “that some members of the NHL community would test positive at some point.” The Canadian Hockey League also agreed with this decision by suspending all game play in three of its regional leagues till further notice. 


Major League Soccer also announced the suspension of all games for thirty days. MLS Commissioner Don Garber said all clubs were “united” behind the decision, adding that it is “in the best interest of our fans, players, officials and employees.” 


Major League Baseball has announced that due to the inclination of the COVID-19 virus, the opening day for MLB will be delayed. “This action is being taken in the interests of the safety and well-being of our players, clubs and our millions of loyal fans,” the statement said. 

Following most official sports cancellation, the NCAA made a definitive result of cancelling March Madness and “all remaining winter and spring” championships — after a flurry of conferences canceled their own tournaments earlier in the day. “This decision is based on the evolving COVID-19 public health threat, our ability to ensure the events do not contribute to spread of the pandemic, and the impracticality of hosting such events at any time during this academic year given ongoing decisions by other entities,” the college athletics organization said in a statement. 

Following the impact of this pandemic, student athletes are expressing their opinions regarding the cancellation of these popular sports. An Auburn student-athlete shared their reaction to the nullification of March Madness by stating,
“Everybody stay safe and take the proper precautions. This is the best time to be with your family. God Bless.” Another student-athlete from The University of Arizona stated, “the past 24 hours have felt like a bad dream.”


It is yet not determined for how long, but the cancellation of sport events will be continuously canceled. These cancellations are arising during the virus’s being rampant. This signifies that the COVID-19 pandemic is virulent and lethal. “…Wake up. Get ready. This virus may [unexpectedly change] and you need to be ready,” states the WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. 


by Emilie Chi




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