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Hiker Falls to Her Death Celebrating the End of Corona Lockdown

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On May 1st, David Aaro, a reporter, reported that a 31-year-old woman, Olesia Suspitsina, was hiking with her friend in a park located in Antalya, Turkey, after hearing news that it might be the end of the COVID-19 lockdown.  

Suspitsma climbed over one of the safety fences with her friend and asked her friend to take a picture. She walked to the end of the cliff and started to pose. As she was posing, she ended up slipping on the grass and plummeted 115 ft to the waters.

Horrified, her friend called the ambulance and they quickly took out her lifeless body from the water. She was taken to the morgue of the Antalya Forensic Medicine Institute for an autopsy to confirm if it were an accident or murder. Indeed, the authorities determined her death as an accident. 

As of today, Turkey has 120,204 confirmed COVID-19 cases, and about 3,174 deaths as of last Thursday evening.


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