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Walt Disney World Resort Welcomes New ‘Star Wars’ Attraction: Rise of…

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Star Wars Land’s second ride has opened up for media and will be opening to the public on Thursday, December 6. 


According to Tampa Bay Times, the new ride is one of the most complicated systems the Disney Imagineers had ever devised. Rather than it being a heart pounding roller coaster, the ride moves smoothly on a trackless path, going vertically and side-to-side.


On the ride, passengers are recruited as apart of the Resistance and get the help of characters like Finn to escape the Star Destroyer safely. Life-size AT-AT walkers (four legged transport and combat machine which stand at around 20 meters tall), 3-D characters, and dozens of Stormtroopers are only a small part of the breathtaking ride. Josh Gad, voice actor of the character Olaf in the Frozen series, tweeted, “[T]he most impressive ride I have ever been on. I do not think people are ready for the scale, the scope, the surprises & the immersiveness [sic] of this soon-to-be iconic attraction. Folks, it’s a game changer.”


Along with the arrival of Rise of the Resistance, Disney World is expected to open three more attractions in 2020 and 2021. The first attraction is opening in March 2020 and is called Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Disney officials say about the ride, “[G]uests will board a train and venture beyond the movie screen like they have never done before.'' The second attraction is based on the heartwarming, animated movie Ratatouille. Passengers will ride in their vehicle and venture the kitchen with Remy’s perspective. The final attraction is the third Star Wars attraction: Galactic Crusader. Riders will board a starcruiser and experience traveling through space into a galaxy far, far away…when it opens sometime in the year 2021.


by Chelsea Lee



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