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Recycling? Where?!

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In the last decade, all the recycling centers in Cypress, California have completely shut down.


Recycling is the process of transforming waste into reusable materials.

Over a course of one year, we are producing over 300 million tons of plastic. Did you know that only a mere 9% of plastic is recycled, while the remaining 91% becomes waste in landfills or in the ocean?


In 2019, Cypress citizens have lost the ability to recycle in public spaces. The most recent and last recycling center was discontinued July 2019, which was located at the local Costco Warehouse. Now citizens must drive to adjacent cities to find a place where they can recycle or they must discover their own way to solve this complication. 


A student from Cypress High School was an avid recycler at Costco, but now that the center is suspended, he says, “This is super inconvenient to my family and me. My younger siblings and I now have to take a few plastic bottles to school everyday because the small bins in the classrooms are the closest recycling stations near our house since Costco’s center closed down, but we still have to take glass bottles to the recycling centers in Anaheim since glassware is prohibited on school campus.”


Recycling is an essential position in affecting the environment positively. There are numerous reasons as to why recycling should be a part of one’s daily routine; for example, recycling reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions while keeping the city and neighborhood clean.

by Chelsea Lee
Aug. 27, 2019


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