PYLUSD May Lose AP Courses in CRT Ban

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PYLUSD May Lose AP Courses in CRT Ban

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Critical Race Theory (CRT), is an intellectual/social movement that seeks to “challenge mainstream American liberal approaches to racial justice.” The Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District has proposed a ban on the teaching of CRT in an effort to remove systematic racism from education.

Awaiting an expected vote and final verdict on April 5, the CRT ban proposal has enraged countless students and parents. The main reason for this is that College Board, the organization responsible for SAT and AP testing, is threatening to remove AP courses from the PYLUSD curriculum if the ban is passed.

One parent, Josh Schroder, opposed the ban saying, “this resolution bans an irrelevant, nonsensical political boogeyman and it does so at our children’s expense.”

However, many people are for the ban, with Placentia resident Gina Kolb stating, “critical Race Theory promotes bigotry, antagonism and hate and undermines and exploits America’s unique and successful fusion of diversity.”

Despite their stance on the Critical Race Theory, many students are protesting to reject the ban, saying their opportunities and education will be hindered if their AP classes are removed.

By Connor Ku


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