YPC Reporter Spotlight: Emilie Chi


YPC Reporter Spotlight: Emilie Chi

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Emilie Chi

10th grade at Sonora High School


What is your role in the Youth Press Corps?

I’m the current president of YPC and assistant to the editor-in-chief. I’ve been with YPC since its inception in 2019.

What are your newsworthy interests?

Simply put: feminism, psychology, sports analysis, pop culture

What is your favorite topic to report on?

Women in politics. Recently, I reported on Ketanji Brown Jackson and received personal writing advice from Roxane Gay.

Title of your favorite article:

“Harvard Professor Condemned for Denialism of Comfort Women”

What is challenging about reporting?

Just diligently finding interesting yet poignant topics can be difficult, and having an overabundance of information can get challenging at times.

What is rewarding about reporting?

The idea of sharing information or providing more knowledge to others satisfies me. And doing research makes me happy.

What advice would you give to other students interested in journalism?

Make sure to read and write as much as possible. Be willing to research and learn new topics. Don’t always stay in your comfort zone; expand your research.


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